Father's Day is June 16
DSC_1353Every Friday, half a block away from Umami Mart along 9th Street at Broadway, the Old Oakland Farmers Market attracts all the locals. With Chinatown across the street, we are lucky to have a farmers market with a lot of Asian produce. From Thai basil to winter melon, the Old Oakland farmers market meshes together a bunch of food cultures. The selection and prices are unbeatable for a farmers market in the Bay Area.  DSC_1320

I took a walk around with my camera last Friday to capture the sights of our farmers market. The colors were vivid and the sounds were lively.

Welcome to our neighborhood!

DSC_1333Right at the entrance on Broadway is a flower market selling flowers at an affordable price. $3 for a bunch of dahlias. DSC_1325

Summer squashes.

DSC_1327I got some of these Kyoho grapes. They were so sweet and as good as the Kyoho I've had in Japan! DSC_1329

In addition to lots of herbs and seasonal offering, there are many stalls offering the basics.

DSC_1334This stall selling fresh dates is always popular. DSC_1337

A shot of Washington looking towards 10th Street where the Warriors practice! If you are lucky you might see Coach walking around.

DSC_1339Stacks and stacks. DSC_1343

Fresh herbs.

DSC_1348Going nuts. (Go Warriors!) DSC_1352

There were three stalls selling okra that day. I chose from this pile because they were so bright and green.

DSC_1353This summer, Red Bay started setting up pour stations right in front of Miss Ollies at 9th and Washington. DSC_1358 Usually, there is a lady selling fresh fish, usually catfish, flailing about in the back of her pick-up. She is always swarmed with customers -- just her, a scale, her fish and her truck. You won't miss her!  Go down to B-dama for dinner on Friday nights and the fish lady's fresh catches might be on the menu.

If you are lucky, you will run into this type of unbelievable cuteness.

DSC_1362Old Oakland is apparently part of Oakland's Scenic Tour. We are stop #4. DSC_1368

In the three years we have been here, the Farmer's Market has become more and more popular. I can say with full confidence that a stroll through this farmers market will put you in a good mood.

Plus, you can stop by Umami Mart and say "hi" after stocking up on your berries and basil.

Just in case you forget where it's all at: