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*This week, Casa de Kei lunchboxes will be available for pickup at Umami Mart in Oakland. Pick up times will be Thursday July 9 and Friday July 10 at 12-3pm. Check out his menu on his Instagram page and order with him directly.

Keisuke Akabori* is the mastermind behind Casa de Kei, a pop-up takeout concept in Oakland. After many years of working as a chef in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Barcelona, he pours all his creativity and knowledge into his weekly lunchboxes. 

Find the new menu on his Instagram account every Wednesday, and pick up on Thursday or Friday at various locations around the Bay Area. Like Umami Mart in Oakland! He has limited numbers of boxes available each day, and they usually sell out quickly, so you gotta act fast!

Don't ever expect two lunchboxes to be the same. One week, it's kurobuta pork bibimbap, the next it's a fried rock fish bento. Our favorite so far has been the shio koji salmon nicoise. Last week, his famous katsu sando sold out in moments. 

Check out these jumbo shumai, topped with okra and mentaiko!

Kei finds his inspiration from strolling farmer's markets and thumbing through his vast cookbook collection. His lunches are always colorful, well balanced between main and sides, with hefty portions. He loves vegetables, which are abundant in his lunches. Vegetarian options are always available!

Don't miss out on Casa de Kei lunches. We're hoping that he opens a ceviche bar next. 

*Someone asked me recently if Kei was my husband. Nope, he's my brother!


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