Father's Day is June 16

2 oz Irish whisky (Jameson, Bushmills, etc.)

1/2 lime, squeezed

A few dashes of Peychuad's Bitters

Shake it up with ice and add it to your copper mug from Umami Mart

Pour in 3 oz ginger beer

Garnish with a lime wedge


*Kid Skwid is a sous chef at Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills. On his rare days off, he enjoys riding his bike around LA and going to the beach. Follow him on Instagram (@kidskwid5) to see his gourmet breakfasts at Casa de Kei. 
Column: Casa de Kei

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  • 最近バークリーのバイソン・ブルーイングの社員の個人ブログで名前も材料も似てる「アイロン・ミュール」というカクテルを知りました。ウイスキーの代わりにビールを使うのです。

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