Father's Day is June 16

I don't know about you, but finding a gift for Dad has always been so HARD. Trying to brainstorm the perfect gift for my mom was tough, but a gift for my father? Impossible. I think it's a misconception that women are pickier than men -- at least in my family, Kuni was the toughest gift critic.

Father's Day is coming up on Sunday June 16, and I'd like to think that we've put together gift sets that fathers would really appreciate. Let's start with the one I'll be getting my dad, who loves beer:

Is your dad always on the run, but can't form sentences without his first cup of coffee? This is for him:

Does your papa love to experiment with cocktails? Get him the awesome PDT Cocktail Book, full of classic, and updated, exciting cocktails. And a jigger too!

Here's the ultimate gift for any dad who loves a boozy drink afterwork, or before bed:

Happy Father's Day!


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