Father's Day is June 16

For each quarterly issue of Edible San Francisco magazine this year, I am doing a "farm to table, in one afternoon" story to show the origins of a dish served at a San Francisco restaurant. For the last issue I visited Annabelle's farm in Bolinas, and in the current issue I traced an ingredient for Namu Gaji, a New Korean-American street food restaurant in the Mission.

Kristyn Leach is the farmer at Namu Farm, a one-acre plot in Sunol (about an hour east of San Francisco). Owned by brothers Dan, Dennis and David Lee, Namu Farm is dedicated to growing food for their family restaurant Namu Gaji. On a sunny day, I visited Kristyn in Sunol who picked red mustard with her trusty farm dog, Bebe.

The Lee's aunt who is a farmer in Korea, supplied seeds like this mustard, and other hard-to-find Korean vegetables grown at Namu Farm.

From Sunol, I took to the leafy mustard to Chef Dennis Lee at the restaurant. Dennis used the mustard I brought from the farm to make a beef tongue dish.

Find the recipe for the beef tongue dish here.


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