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I had the pleasure of lunching at Google in NYC (above Chelsea Market) last week as the guest of a friend who works there. Google's executive chef emails out the huge menu daily! It definitely had the feeling of a big cafeteria, but it was friendly and fresh, with Google slick. Lots of healthy vegetarian and raw options, with a gourmet twist. I mean, fresh pressed blackberry juice?

Google has some sort of rule that food can't be any more than like 30 feet from their employees at all times (keep those brainiac juices flowing!). As I was leaving, we passed several snack stations with more delicious choices that you could pick up at any time. Taking to-go boxes was also encouraged (I left with a second cheddar biscuit and  two rice krispy treats... MY! The gluttony). Oh, and did I mention? Everything is FREE. All the time. If I worked for Google I would be fat (and happy).