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How often do you see babies on the front page of Umami Mart??? Well, it was bound to happen at some point. Look at her, she's adorbz!

It is quite rare for either Yoko or myself to show our true girly colors, but we could not resist the urge to celebrate WOMEN at our first ever Hinamatsuri party, a holiday just for girls in Japan. Girl's Day!

Yoko’s mom spent over a decade making a traditional ohinasama (ornamental doll) display with five tiers that we felt we absolutely must showcase. Girl’s Day in Japan lands on March 3rd every year, and is a day to reflect and celebrate a woman’s happiness.

The ohinasama display is a wedding scene for the royal court. The top tier is the emperor and empress; second are the "ladies in waiting"; third are musicians; fourth are ministers; the last are samurai or helpers (below).

We liked the samurai helpers the best. The fabric and stitching is incredibly intricate and beautifully detailed.

It was an easy going First Friday in March and we were SO HAPPY that many of our regular customers came out with their children! The kids were all very taken by the dolls, and paid attention to them in an inquisitive way.

Junko-san aka Bay Alien provided meringue sweets in traditional hinamatsuri colors: pastel pink (strawberry), green (green tea) and white (vanilla). These were so darling and delicious! They were really popular and were snatched up immediately.

Offerings to the bride and groom:

Yoko made amazake (sweet sake) which is alcohol-free and traditionally served on Girl's Day.

Our guests:

To their happiness!

We will have this party again next year. See you then!