Father's Day is June 16

Starting today, we'll be going back in time to reflect on the most memorable posts, picked by eight of our main writers. This was no simple task -- over the last six years, Umami Mart now has over 2,200 posts that spans five continents. WOW!!! From this, our writers have chosen their own favorite post(s), whether it be their own, or by a fellow writer. We hope you enjoy this 8-day series!

Erin Gleeson kicks off the series with her three favorite posts. As a multi-talented artist and food photographer, I invited Erin to contribute to Umami Mart when we first launched in 2007. She has consistently presented her photographs on Umami Mart, originally under the column Culinography, and currently with her own popular blog The Forest Feast. I've loved watching Erin grow as a photographer in the past six years, it's been amazing! As she's about to publish her first cookbook (c0ming in the spring of 2014!), I continue to be in awe of Erin's ability to create magic in her photographs.  



Top Chef at the Beard House (March 2010)
I am fortunate to have eaten at the James Beard House many times, and this was one of the best meals I’ve had there, and one of the most delicious meals I've had period. Innovative and surprising, with odd but perfect pairings that is comfort food, but totally out of the box.

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Blackout Restaurant (Tel Aviv; Aug 2010)
This is by far the most unique dining experience I have ever had. Eating in complete darkness was unsettling at first and later, revelatory.

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My First Trip to the Beard Awards (July 2007)
I've photographed a lot of fancy culinary events, and this one is the most fun! Glamorous and delicious. And there's nothing like a warm spring evening at Lincoln Center.

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