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Last week we teamed up with Blind Tiger for Sake Gumi Underground, our second annual Sake Gumi Social. We had a blast! We love bringing together our Sake Gumi members with other Bay Area sake enthusiasts for a night of eating and drinking.

Blind Tiger opened in Oakland's Koreatown district this last year, and is a large bar located in the basement of Gogi Time, a local K-BBQ favorite. Their sake and cocktail list is extensive, and they serve a long list of dishes that are meant to be enjoyed alongside drinks.

For Sake Gumi Underground, we mirrored the theme from November's Sake Gumi offerings, serving a flight of three kimoto and yamahai sakes.

image2 (1)
Photo by Owie Palma

The sakes we featured were:

Hakugyokko Junmai Yamahai Muroka Nama Genshu
Kasumi Tsuru Junmai Ginjo Yamahai
Kasumi Tsuru Extra Dry Kimoto

Between Yoko and I, we have tried almost all the dishes on Blind Tiger's menu and we included food pairing suggestions in the flight notes. It was pretty unanimous that the Massaman Curry Fries matched perfectly with the Hakugyokko genshu.

Oysters were a winning combination with all three sakes. A classic pairing:

Photo by Owie Palma

Blind Tiger always projects movies onto the walls, so we requested Mystery Train and Clueless.


Thanks everyone who came out for our event. Stay tuned for more Sake Gumi events in the new year.