Umami Mart Registry

When I asked MOTO what his most memorable post would be, he immediately replied back with:

"It's always wedding cake post for me. The amount of practice and trial and error it all took... yet the worst case scenario at the end was so priceless. I still vividly remember my conversation with Kayoko when we first saw the disaster."

In March 2009, MOTO had spent weeks practicing to make a wedding cake for our friends Aya and Irwin. We all sat at the edge of our seats as we rooted MOTO on through each of his trials, presented over five different posts. How did it all end? Read the heart-wrenching, moment-by-moment replay here.

I personally will never forget the drama of this series, all leading up to the BIG DAY; the level of commitment, loyalty and determination MOTO showed during the Wedding Cake Trials will never be forgotten. As he embarks on a new career today with MOTOCS as a caterer, flower arranger, cooking teacher and fabulous master of all things Martha Stewart, I always look forward to seeing what he will do next!

*Flashback Fave is a series where eight writers look back on the most memorable posts of Umami Mart. Come back each day for the greatest flashbacks!