Umami Mart Registry

Anders joined the Umami Mart writing staff in 2009 and is deeply engraved in the Umami Mart family, having designed our Oakland shop and entire brand identity. Anders' world is playful, colorful and cozy -- whether he writes from his own kitchen, or during his vast travels, he always carries a distinguished eye towards design and detail. Plus, he's hilarious. Thanks for making Umami Mart hip and fashionable, Anders! -k


Munchin' Through Mallorca (May 2012)

To me this post is very much what's needed in this early period of spring right now: sunshine, heat, recreation and a positive spirit. All that is lacking in one's life after nearly six months of doom, gloom, icy snowstorms and almost eternal darkness here in Denmark.


All I want to do right now is enjoy a quiet cortado and freshly baked Ensaimada in the shadow of a swaying Spanish palm tree at a La Palma harbour cafe table, wearing my neon coloured G-string and a factor 20 sun lotion... No more chilly draft or woolen knickers, please. Read the article here.

Sunday Forest Lunch (Nov 2010)

I've chosen this post as I think it reflects very much what kind of country Denmark sometimes can be style wise. Danes surround themselves with beauty everywhere without even thinking about it -- objects, architecture and food just fit together with colour and design.


This post represents an ideal life in the old country -- full of history, atmosphere, respect for your surroundings and what you put in your stomach. And of course good friends and great pastry. Read the article here.

Gay Alien Cat (Dec 2010)

This post stands out for being one of the less serious ones on Umami Mart. Yet, what would we ever do here on UM without some off-topic sillyness here and there?


It's a post about a homosexual dinner party with dancing hairless cats on the table, and I can't imagine one would need anything else for killing time online. Also, I discovered Green Pea dip at the party, which has since become a pre-dinner snack regular at my own (less homosexual) dinner throwdowns. Read the article here.

Mile High Club (Aug 2010)

I like this post because it merges 3 things I like very much: Scandinavian design, Japanese food and homosexual encounters in mid-air. That latter is not entirely true but I'm pretty sure it was the constant topic of discussion across that dinner table all night long. Also, bringing out that strong sake straw bottle didn't help.


I guess I should do a Part II someday soon if Mr. X throws another erotic airline themed feast. Read the article here.

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