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The Forest Feast heads to the city for an evening! San Francisco is just 45 minutes from our little cabin in the woods. Last weekend my husband and I attended a benefit for the San Francisco chapter of Meals on Wheels which was a delicious showcase of the Bay Area’s best chefs. The mission of Meals on Wheels is “to provide isolated homebound seniors in San Francisco with nutritious meals, daily human contact and supportive services to prevent their premature institutionalization.”




















Above are photos of the following chefs and restaurants: A16Beretta15 RomoloJohn Gasparini CocktailsWaterbarE&O KitchenScott Beattie CocktailsEtoileMeritage at the ClaremontCesare Casella,Brandon Jew of Bar AgricoleMartin Brock of Gary DankoBaker and BankerCentral Kitchen, and Mourad Lahlou of Aziza. For a full list of participating chefs, click here.

*All photos and illustration by © Erin Gleeson and originally posted on The Forest Feast.
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  • I have been a customer for many years and have become increasingly concerned about the quality and quantity of the meals. From my standpoint the best description of their food is…VERY POOR…with no dash leading to fair. Their chicken meals appear to be poultry rejects that have run a marathon prior to slaughter…they are the skinniest most emaciated, meatless chickens I have ever seen. Their pork dinner meals are tougher than shoe leather riddled with fat and gristle…if you cut off the edible meat or chicken they weigh less than 4 ounces with little or no recognizable taste or flavor. Thankfully I still have all of my teeth for all of the chewing that is required. Last Sunday I saw the CEO of M on Ws interviewed on Channel 5 (SF) and you would have thought that the meals are tasteful and plentiful based upon his comments. He actually said they deliver 2 meals a day while in actuality the so-called second meal is not a meal at all but can consist of 2 hard boiled eggs, a bag of carrot slivers and a few bites of celery, a slab of processed turkey and two mutilated pieces of bread. The fruit they send is an outright embarrassment…the oranges and apples are about the size of golf balls. Any grocery store would reject these as unacceptable…oh, they usually provide a high fructose fruit drink of some kind. And you ought to see the so-called vegetables they send…they appear to be rejects based upon their paltry size, color and flavor. I wonder if they will be dining on one of these meals at their Star Chefs Dinner Gala on April 21. I wonder if their CEO has ever eaten one of the two meals he touted on TV. I wonder what they would do if I showed up at their fund raising dinner and handed out photos of the many unappetizing meals they deliver. I wonder…

    allen pross on

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