Father's Day is June 16
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Spring is here and my local market is starting show signs of different colors of the rainbow after a winter abundance of orange and brown fruits and vegetables. I've been most excited about the appearance of more greens -- broccoli, asparagus, green onions, etc. The bulk greens sections has also been exploding and the appearance of fresh, healthy mizuna has prompted me to concoct a salad that takes advantage of its availability.

This salad can be made in 10 minutes and the only thing you may need to run to the Asian market for is the abura-age (deep fried tofu). The abura-age is a crucial ingredient to this salad, acting as a substitute to the crouton -- providing crunch and some oily goodness.

Serves 2

2 handfuls of mizuna
1-2 abura-age

1 tbsp of ground sesame seeds
1 tbsp of sesame oil
1 tsp of soy sauce
1/2 tsp of yuzu kosho or shichimi
1/2 tsp of salt


1. In a bowl, mix together all of the ingredients for the dressing.

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2. Sear the abura-age on a grill or frying pan. Make sure it develops a little crunch on the outside. It should look a little something like this when it's done.

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3. Slice the abura-age into strips (about 1/3 of an inch wide).

4. Mix the greens together with the dressing. Top with abura-age.

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Enjoy your greens!
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  • Adding natto to this is a great idea! Wow, I will have to try the fresh abura age from Chinatown. Thanks for the coordinates.

    yoko on

  • This is brilliant I will have to try it! I am really into getting aburaage from Chinatown these days (the grocery shop closer to Franklin on 9th St). You can find them anywhere, they are freshly fried cubes that cost like $3/lb. They start to mold really fast so you must eat them right away!

    Thanks for the recipe. I will also add natto to this!

    Kayoko on

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