Father's Day is June 16

Heavenly Soap Co. is a San Francisco company making all natural, vegan, palm oil-free soaps. Use these gentle, all-natural soaps on your face, hands, or body.

Made with activated bamboo charcoal, this soap detoxifies skin as the micro-charcoal powder makes a fine bubbly lather. The charcoal absorbs dirt in pores while removing dead skin cells. 

Hinoki, or Japanese Cypress, has a soothingly minty, lemon fresh aroma that opens the nasal passages and signals relaxation. This aromatic soap (made of hinoki oil, shea butter and water) has an energizing effect on the skin and will transport you to an outdoor onsen, or Japanese hot spring, in the middle of an old-growth forest.

What's better than drinking sake? Lathering yourself up in it! Although this sake soap is unscented, we detect a hint of junmai aroma, which is fine by us!