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We're all about hygge (pronounced hooga) here this season, a Danish term describing coziness and contentment. There's nothing that reflects hygge to us like a deep soak in an outdoor onsen in the mountains of Japan.

We've brought in several products to celebrate the onsen lifestyle so you can get hygge in and out of the tub.

Get hygge at home with these onsen-inspired spa products.

Woven in Japan’s famous towel town, Imabari, this 100% cotton gauze towel is unbelievably soft. The fine, soft mesh is great for wiping sweat, spills, and wet hands. Doubling as a handkerchief, keep in your pocket while on the go, in the bathroom, or in the kitchen. The loose weave allows for maximum absorption and quick drying. Available in OrangeTurquoise, and Gray.

Back by popular demand!

Hinoki is known to be antibacterial and highly rot-resistant which makes it ideal to place in moist or misty places. Say "bye" to bacteria laden furry bath mats and "hello" to this hygienic mat that massages your feet every time you step in and out of the shower.

This all-natural, scrubby towel is made from Kumazasa leaves and washi. The Kumazasa plant is a type of bamboo and its leaves are antibacterial, making it an ideal material for making bath products. Washi is a durable, waterproof Japanese paper made from the fibers from the inner bark of the gampi tree. Exfoliate and invigorate safely and knowing that you aren't using any man-made synthetics against sensitive skin.

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Each of these Hinoki Bath Bags are filled with rejuvenating hinoki shavings that give off a forest fresh aroma when dropped into a hot bath. Go ahead and treat yourself to an onsen-like experience without having to pay for the plane ticket to Japan.