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As I've written about in the past, I have developed an annoying food allergy. I've discovered that stone fruite are definitely not for me.  Not that I need to carry an epi-pen, or that my face breaks out, or my body is covered with hives -- but it's just uncomfortable, since my throat scratches so much and I can't stop gagging after I eat any variety of these fruits.

Last week though, I was at a grocery market, and as I was passing by fruit aisle, and I smelled something nostalgic. It was the very sweet smell of white peach. When I was growing up, I was forced to eat white peaches outside, basically only in a bathing suit during the hot summer time. The peaches were just soooo juicy, sweet -- the signature dessert of the summer -- I would be covered with peach juice after eating them, then my dad would hose me off.

As many of you know, Japanese fruits are ridiculously sweet, since basically there's only one fruit per branch, and all the nutrition from the earth will be sucked into that special chosen one. Since I came to the US, peaches were one of the major disappointment (others, strawberry, grape, pear, apple, melons, I guess all of them, which I can't eat most of now). They were not sweet.

However, in recent years, something must have happened in vegetable/fruit farming world here. I especially taste the difference in tomatoes and strawberries.  They actually taste good, even if it's from commercial companies (may mean shit load of chemicals, but oh well, organic is pretty questionable as NYT covered last week).

When I paid a close attention to these white peaches, they smelled extremely sweet and made me think about the summers I ate them in our balcony back home in Japan.

So I bought them, knowing I would have to deal with the consequence.

Look at them!!  They are pretty, and I love how ass-y they are.

I ate a piece as is, and wow, it was so sweet and peachy.  Of course, I had the most scratchy throat afterwards...  So I researched how I may be able to eat the peaches, without actually cooking them. Cooking usually kills off all the elements that people are allergic to, but it's a total pain, and I was afraid it would lose the flavor by heating up the fruit.

I found a fresh peach frozen yogurt recipe, and I added my own flavor/extra protection. What you need are five peaches, a tub of Greek yogurt, some honey, and plum wine.

I thought by using alcohol, peaches would lose its allergens or whatever it is that causes scratchy throat. Cause alcohol cures everything!

First peel and pit peaches, and puree them in food processor.

The smell is soooo good. Once they are pureed, add about 3 tbsp of honey, and the mini bottle of plum wine (if you have it). I thought these tiny bottle won't do much, so I added about 1/3 cup of plum wine I made last year. Blend everything together, then freeze in a baking pan.

Two days later:

Cut them up into cubes:

Put them back into food processor:

Process the cubes until they are all broken down, then add the yogurt.

Process until everything is incorporated.

Yeah, this looks AWESOME.

You can eat this right away, or refreeze until it's firmer.

Allergy verdict? Fail. I am suffering from a major scratchy throat as I write this post.

Oh peach, I love thee, but I can't have thee...