Father's Day is June 16

I just watched Animal House for the first time last night. What a clever movie! There were many iconic scenes that I had heard about through the years, and it was clearly a pioneer of the perverse fratboy-themed storylines that Hollywood keeps reusing today. But there was an underlying darkness despite the silliness that comedies today are lacking. Comedies these days are too slick and there is not enough variety within the genre. But I digress.

The scene of John Belushi picking up food in the cafeteria is just hilarious. It just reminded me of how gross food can be, yet how appealing it looks in a buffet line. Jello never looked so good! It doesn't differ much from the gourmet buffet lines on all the dot com campuses like Google (best free lunch in the galaxy) -- you put all that food in front of me, I'll take one of each! And stuff my pockets for the road.

Happy Monday!