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Located in Studio City or Toluca Lake (depending on who you're talking to) since 1961, Henry's Tacos has served ground beef tacos served in a hard corn shell. They've marginally expanded their menu since then, now offering soft tacos, burritos and the quasi-famous taco burger, but the ground beef remains as basically the only option you have.


The ground beef is seasoned with familiar dashes of this and that (please don't ask me what "this or that" is because I don't know. However, the taste reminds me of something in between a sloppy joe and Lawry's meat seasoning).

I ordered light, opting for one traditional hard taco and the anglo-fied taco burger.


The taco is served in a hard shell filled with a generous portion of meat mixed with minced, grilled onions, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and topped with cheddar cheese.


The combination of the warm meat, chilled lettuce, and hard crunch of the taco shell is deliciously satisfying.


The taco was refreshingly different than the food truck-style tacos we are currently inundated with--don't get me wrong, those are great too, but this was a nice change.


My favorite thing at Henry's though, is the taco burger. The ground beef combined with the fluffy white bread bun, speaks to a wider audience of gluttonists than the taco does (it really is taking the best of both tacos and hamburgers and combines those elements in to one simple dish).


The taco burger gets better with each bite as the bun soaks up the meat juice the longer you let it sit. Don't forget to order the hand-packaged Henry's hot sauce because it makes every available food item more delicious.


Henry's made-to-order meals are cash only so don't forget to stop at an ATM before you get to the window.


Although I admit my reason for choosing Henry's Tacos was purely an economic one, rather than the insatiable craving of a taco burger (oh fine, that too), my lunch left me full, happy and only partially-comatose.

I should also mention that Henry's Tacos shares a parking lot with one of LA's finest watering holes, the Starlight Room.


Column: Old School Eats


  • The Taco Burger is U.S.’ version of Japan’s Taco Rice. Taco Rice is delicious… I suspect that the Taoo Burger is too.

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  • More taco rice awesomeness from Yoko’s 2008 post from Okinawa


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