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  • Thanks guys. It was really interesting to partake in the testing. It all seemed kind of arbitrary with everyone using different machines to detect levels. It’s also suspicious that the Japanese government keeps changing its standards for what is safe. My impression overall is that no one knows what is safe or not… making it really hard to measure or predict the risks involved with eating radiated foods.

    yoko on

  • I really liked the video editing too.

    worm on

  • Excellent job with the video editing! A camera is always a great investment.

    Johnny on

  • Apparently, becquerels and sieverts are used to measure different things.
    Becquerels are used to measure the general radioactive activity of the item in question — what it’s emitting. Sieverts are used to measure the actual effect biologically (i.e. the effect on a human) — what actually gets absorbed by a human or animal.

    yoko on

  • Great video, Yoko!

    Do you know how the Bq/cm^3 unit relates to microsieverts? The radiation stuff I’ve seen seem to use that unit of measure ( and

    seri on

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