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Dear Microsoft Office (and all you other people who can't differentiate between a macaron from a macaroon),

Macaron is not a macaroon. Every time I write "macaron", you always highlight it, suggesting I misspelled the word and replace it with "macaroon" instead. How atrocious. I am not sure how Seattle's gourmet food scene is, but I hear it's pretty upscale now. You may be a nerd who stays in your office all day, and eat only at Microsoft's cafeteria (which I am sure is super cheesy compared to Apple or Google's). You may flip out on anyone who has an iPhone and exclaim, "How dare anyone buy Apple products!" You even highlight the word "iPhone" for god's sake. You must REALLY hate Apple, and you believe Microsoft is actually a religion (although this could be said to Apple employees as well). It's time for you to accept the reality that Apple is awesome.

Unfortunately however, the Microsoft Office system dominates the entire typing world. I am so praying that Steve Jobs creates the Apple version, which I am sure will be super cool. Their dictionary may even include words like "Snooki" or "Yamahomo".

Microsoft, it's time for you to upgrade your dictionary. Let me show you how different macarons and macaroons are.

Macaroons mainly consist of shredded coconut. You toast half the required batch of coconuts and almonds.


Mix this with the remaining raw shredded coconut and almonds.


Then add all the sweet stuff like condensed milk, and mix in the egg whites as binder. It's all very basic, and there's not many way to screw this up, aside from burning the whole thing.

These are macaroons.


Now, Microsoft, please meet the delicate macaron. They are so fragile, and take great efforts to perfect.


Macarons consist of egg whites, powdered sugar, almond flour (or my case, rice flour). If you over-mix the batter, they won't rise. If you undermix the batter, they won't rise. If you use fresh egg whites, they crack. If you make these under high-humidity conditions, you're just fucked.

Microsoft, I hope you see enough evidence here to include "macaron" into your dictionary, and STOP bothering me with your annoying highlights whenever I type the word, which is quite often. A macaron is most certainly NOT a macaroon.


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