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Remember when I designed the Umamimart travel mug back in 2010? Well, this spring Scandinavian Airlines (SAS as we call it in Denmark) called for submissions from designers to redesign their cardboard cups for tea and coffee, during air travel across the globe. They serve 70,000 customers in the air every day (!).

You see, when I'm not writing posts for Umamimart, I work as a designer and illustrator to put the daily rice on the table. So when my international style & travel journalist friend from Stockholm urged me to contribute with a design for the competition, I entered this design (despite my hesitancy towards competitions, they scare the living daylights out of me).


My cup was selected last week as a finalist along with nine others, out of 700 entries!

For the cup I tried to imagine what I myself would enjoy drinking while crusing through the clouds at jet speed. Something playful and fun with a little Mad Men 1960's travel flavour, with a dirty martini. For the food enthusiasts a serving tray with lots of (delicious!) plane food with ice cream for dessert. And then lots of holiday aspirations which wasn't so hard since I spend most of my time daydreaming about exotic destinations and escaping from the cold Copenhagen winters, to distant tropical island shores.

And now that the voting is on I thought I'd call for a little help from our Umamimart readers. You see, I can't win unless I get enough people to vote for me.

VOTE HERE: http://phpgui.flysas.net/coffeecup

Picture 1

My design is right on top. Will you vote for me ? You don't have to log-in, Facebook connect, or any of that annoying stuff (actually, you can "Pin It" here). It's just a click! And you've supported a fellow Umamimart writer and reader.

Competition ends March 20th so we only have 5 days to vote!! I hope you will and thereby be supporting designer cups made in Copenhagen on all future flights at Scandinavian Airlines.

A humble thank you and lots of Umamimart love xxx.

Column: Skankynavia


  • Congratulations on being a finalist! How amazing is that?!! And of course I’ve voted too:)

    sakura on

  • I just voted from three different browsers. Oops!


    Kayoko on

  • I voted from three different devices. SOO want this to win. I didn’t know SAS was part of the Star Alliance. I am too.

    yoko on

  • I voted to be a helpful umamimart friend but it really is the best one! Good luck!

    allison on

    You are a true inspiration.
    Now, some inspiration for you. Lalalala-la.

    Kayoko on

  • Thanks for voting 300%, guys!
    You’re all skanky stars in my eyes.

    Anders on

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