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UPDATE 3/29, 8am PDT: There are no more tickets available for this event. The Umamimart Shop pop-up booth will be in session regardless, which does not require an event ticket. Stop by and say hi! Cheers, Kayoko

Umamimart turned 5yo this year! To celebrate, we're joining forces and throwing a big birthday bash with some of our closest Bay Area friends: underground ramen guru Conrad Seto; the dumpling virtuoso Gyoza 8; and the awesome Sutton Cellars Winery.

What: An intimate gathering of Umamimart friends -- that's you!-- at Sutton Cellars. We'll serve a light appetizer, ramen, gyoza and a glass of wine. Plus, we'll be screening Juzo Itami's cult classic, Tampopo! All while Yoko and I will be there manning the Umamimart Shop Pop-Up Booth.

When: Saturday 3/31, 7pm

Where: Sutton Cellars (601 22nd St @ Illinois, Dogpatch District; Map)

Cost: $35 advance via Paypal/ $40 door

Seto Ramen
Hands down, Conrad makes one of the best bowls of Hakata-style ramen in the Bay Area. He’s been secretly hosting ramen pop-ups for a few years (see Umamiventure #24 and Ramen Night Pt.2). Conrad hand makes his own noodles, brews his rich tonkotsu (pork) broth for 12+ hours, topping it off with chashu (slow cooked pork); house-cured bamboo shoots; mentaiko (spicy fish roe); a marinated, stunningly soft-boiled egg; kikurage (wood ear mushrooms); nori (seaweed) and scallions.

Guerilla Ramen Night
Photo by Wenchin Lee

Gyoza 8
Jack Lin of Gyoza 8 rolls out his own wheat flour-based gyoza skins and stuffs them with a mixture of pork, cabbage, scallions, and a dolop of aspic. He then pan fries them to a perfect crisp ensuring all the savory broth remains intact, and serves them with a sweet sesame miso sauce or a black vinaigrette. They are little flavor bombs!

Wine by Sutton Cellars
Enjoy your meal with a complimentary glass of Sutton Cellars' Carignane or Syrah blends. Wine with ramen, you ask??? Well, we love Sutton Cellars and the Dogpatch so much that we couldn't NOT have our birthday party with Carl, Sharon and the gang. Carl's wines are fantastic, and we think will pair well with the meal. He warmly welcomed Umamimart for our Vermouth Tasting Umamiventure, and this is our follow-up event together. We can't wait! Bring cash if one glass will not suffice for you wineheads.


Umamimart Shop Pop-Up
Stop in to check out the Umamimart Shop -- in person! Yoko and I will be there, selling all the kitchen and barware you find online at the Umamimart Shop. Come say hi!


We're screening Tampopo! What is ramen without this film?

Vegetarian? No problem. Conrad makes a mean, lean vegetarian broth, and Jack will accommodate with vegetarian gyoza. Just please make sure to let us know ahead of time. Make a note under 'Special Requests' when buying tickets on Paypal OR email me directly at

We hope to see many of you on the 31st.

See you soon, Martians!

UPDATE 3/29, 8am PDT: There are no more tickets available for this event. The Umamimart Shop pop-up booth will be in session regardless, which does not require an event ticket. Stop by and say hi! Cheers, Kayoko

*Top photo by Wenchin Lee.
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  • bahh! I will be at a birthday dinner. Congrats on the 5 years and your first pop-up!!!

    seri on

  • Yessss…Congrats on 5 years Kayoko! Just bought my tix. Sad I missed the last ramen night, can’t wait for this one. Tanpopo screening, woohoo!

    Dave on

  • Congratulations on 5 years! [That menu sounds just lovely – and “Tampopo” is one of my all-time favorite films.]

    LR of The {No Longer) Frozen Midwest on

  • Seri, we hope to see you at the next one! Thanks for always reading.

    Kayoko on

  • @LR- Thanks! Can you make it to the event?
    @Dave- So glad you can make it to this one!
    @Tomo- Omg if you can come out Yoko and I will just DIE. Bring your mama!

    Kayoko on

  • yay i think I’ll actually be here!!!

    tomo on

  • @Allison- Sunset time is 7:36pm, so we will start the movie around then. There are subtitles so I think it will be ok!

    Will send out a big email of info out to ticket holders soon.

    Can’t wait!


    Kayoko on

  • What time will the movie start? Will we be able to hear with all the slurping?

    allison on

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