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After a painfully long day of marching shop to shop near Opera, we needed to eat something. Anything. Shopping with CH and Angela was exhausting normally, but this was sale week in the fashion capital of the world, and it was intense. The hustle of sale week mixed with the extremely friendly Parisians bumping elbows and fighting over who stepped on whose foot was burning me out (man).

Luckily we found Cojean, where I wanted to slip into bed with their quality sandwiches, depite the negativity of the Parisian staff (excuse moi, no photos please) and the atrocious gas station-like toilets. Their sandwiches are made daily ready to order, and are toasted and flattened a bit.

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Herb blended tomato, arugula, pesto sauce, prosciutto goodness brought me to my knees

The toasting compliments the sesame seeded bread, bringing the mix of flavors that fall somewhere between damn good and oh my god, get me another one now! The combinations could have only been created from lots of trial and error to get something so unique and full of flavor, making them very different to the more traditional, simple meaty sandwiches, like the Mortadella or misto quente (ham and cheese), that I have grown accustomed to here in Brazil.

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Meal polished off with some pomegranate and raspberry juice. Oooh-la-la.

Aside from the toasted sandwiches were decent sides of lasagna, pasta salad, and a strawberry cream desert strangely packed in a tub (ready for take-away). The tubs could be done without, as their trashcan was literally overflowing with them. But, the awkwardness of eating out of a tub at a cafe soon dissipated once licked clean. I needed the toasted prosciutto sando again in a very bad way--again a day later on my birthday.

So the next day we headed to the River Seine for a Cojean picnic on the river with our Brazilian crew and Angela in tow. After that quick bite at Cojean earlier , I fell deeply in love with their toasted sandwiches and could not imagine my birthday without one (or three)! We loaded up a bag of ready to eat Cojean conveniently located on the way, and the day turned out perfectly. Lovely weather, friends, and food and the sandwich I am still dreaming about now a month later.

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The toasted sandwich returns in vegetarian form: mozarella, tomato, pesto, pine nuts

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Casarecce pasta salad: goat cheese, zucchini, tomato, black olives, pine nuts, with mint and basil pesto

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Organic smoked salmon,  chives, with dill pesto sauce

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Pasta salad: Melon with prosciutto, oreciette pasta, arugala pesto, basil, and lemon

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Getting leafy

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Vegetarian lasagna done right

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Citrusy Bella Lula with bio pulp!

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The crew