Father's Day is June 16

Check it out! Umamimart's very own Sarah Nevada (The Big Feed and Old School Eats), an LA-based film producer, has embarked on a new project. Fork Your Consideration is a new kind of cooking show-- each 24 minute episode will be based on a film, whether a classic, blockbuster, or romcom (heck yah!).

Hosted by private chef Haley Simonds and directed by Kiki Allgeier, Fork Your Consideration will be a cooking show like never before: whimsical, unpretentious, inspired, and creative. Never boring. It'll get your brain ticking in ways you never expected from a cooking show. This is art, people! I'm so excited that Sarah is pulling the trigger and launching this show.

But like anything in the arts, this project is underfunded. They need your support to help get this off the ground and fund the first episode, which will be based on Hitchcock's The Birds! Haley will be preparing cornish game hen to honor the bone-chilling film. (Cue creepy ass music).

This has GOT TO GET MADE! The crew just recorded the jingle for the show this weekend, it's an awesome 60s rock guitar rif. Again, nothing like your run-of-the-mill cooking show you see on the Food Network these days. Snoresville. It's time to change it up, don't you think?

SUPPORT NOW on Kickstarter! Moral support/ positive encouragement/ high fives also welcome.

Viva La Arts Forever!


  • I love this – original and creative! Storytelling and cooking are both enchanting and intoxicating arts, so a mix of both is genious!

    Anders on

  • This looks awesome! Made even awesomer by the Amanda Palmer music. So awesome that I just had to be a supporter. I can’t wait to see the first episode!

    Craig on

  • Craig, you are awesome for supporting!!!! HOORAY!!!

    Anders, that’s high praise coming from you.


    Kayoko on

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