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Event Recap

10 Year Matsuri

10 Year Matsuri on August 6, 2022 at Umami Mart On a cloudy Saturday morning in August, all of our favorite collaborators converged to set up for our 10 Year Matsuri. This is a tradition, one decade strong, where Kayoko and I populate the back parking...

Event Recap

Grand Opening Matsuri 2019

Every year, right before Matsuri, I freak out. For about a week, I worry that no one will show up. This year was no different, and posed the biggest question: what if no one knows we've moved??? What a tragedy it would be if we opened...

Event Recap

6th Annual Umami Mart Matsuri

After six years of presenting Matsuri each year, I can confidently say that we know how to throw a good party. Every year, the party gets bigger and stronger. People show up earlier and stay longer. For all of us at Umami Mart, we...