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Can you believe that next Thursday is Thanksgiving?! If you're feeling like us, Thanksgiving snuck up on us yet again. But this year, we have some kitchen accessories and tools that will make T-Day prep easy as (pumpkin) pie.


Breaking the cork in a bottle of wine is such a bummer! But you'll never have to worry about pieces of cork in your glass of Cab again if you use our Wine Opener. The dual prongs snugly grip the cork to pull it out easily and cleanly, in one fell swoop.


Peeling potatoes is the epitome of ho-hum kitchen tasks, but you won't mind being in charge of spud duty this Thanksgiving if you've got our Speedy Peeler. The sharp, wide, and slightly curved blade makes quick work of removing the peels from potatoes, carrots, citrus, and other fruits and vegetables. And it also includes two potato eye removers on either side of the blade, so your taters can't watch you as you work.


You can never have enough dish towels around, especially when you're cooking a big, important meal. The Linen50 Kitchen Cloths are hands-down our favorite dish towels. Not only are they pretty, these high-quality linen and cotton blend towels are lightweight, absorbent, quick drying, and won't retain odors, even after repeated use. So go ahead and wipe your garlicky hands on them!


Cranberry sauce, chicken broth, pumpkin puree, condensed milk. So many cans to open our hands hurt just thinking about it. But we have an inspiring message for you: You CAN do it with the Sori Yanagi Can Opener. Forget that crappy, cheap can opener that barely twists and creates a jagged-edged top. The rotary handle on this simple tool makes it effortless to open can after can after can. You'll never need to buy another opener again!


Bee House makes some of our favorite kitchenwares. Their simple, utilitarian designs in fun colors really speak to us. We carry Bee House butter dishes and salt boxes at Umami Mart for everyday use, but both of these accessories will be essential to have in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. Salt liberally, and butter even more!


Having an elegant Glass Cruet for salad dressing, olive oil, and other sauces takes your presentation from good to grand. The topper? The glass stopper is a show-stopper!

All photos by Grace Suh