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- Ever wish your dog could help out around the house? Well, here's a video showing you how to get your pooch to help you prepare your Thanksgiving dinner! (Joseph's Machines)


- Thanksgiving is my favorite food holiday because I will forever associate it with the huge annual feast my Korean-American family would throw. Plates of kimchi, kimbap, egg rolls, and loads of banchan would dot the table around T-Day standards like roast turkey, stuffing, and candied yams. In Kayoko's family, her dad would prepare usuzukuri (seen above) for Thanksgiving. Wouldn't it be interesting to get a peek at what other families around the country eat on Thanksgiving? The New York Times shared the stories and photos of the holiday meals of 15 families that speak to their heritage and traditions. I'm thankful for this poignant story. (New York Times; photo above by Kayoko Akabori)

- American kids say the darndest things. Especially when it comes to food. Check out this video of kids trying Chinese food and giving their unbridled opinions of what they're noshing. (Cut)


- Have you ever wondered what a cabbage sounds like if you played it like a musical instrument? Wonder no more. Watch these videos of a Japanese man who makes musical instruments out of fruits and vegetables. (Atlas Obscura)


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