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When we were approached to host a launch event for the new line of The SG Shochus, we were floored. Why, yes, we would honored to host Shingo Gokan and his crew! World-renowned cocktail champion, bartender extraordinaire, and founder of the SG Group and SG Shochu brand, Shingo Gokan was voted by the bartenders of Asia's 50 Best Bars as the recipient of the Bartenders' Bartender Award. He recently launched The SG Shochus (Mugi, Imo, Kome). named for his Tokyo bar – SG stands for Sip + Guzzle!

Gokan made a name for himself at Angel's Share in New York, and today owns The SG Club in Shibuya, and three bars in Shanghai, including the stylish Speak Low. You can read about Yoko's visit to Speak Low on our blog from back in 2015.

We caught the SG Team at the tail end of their U.S. tour – they visited NY, Chicago, LA and the Bay Area. We hosted two seminars for the event, one for our customers, and another for industry, to introduce their new line of SG Shochus, strong expressions made in partnership with various shochu distilleries across Kyushu.

The events comprised of a guided spirits tasting of the SG Shochus, and a comprehensive cocktail-making demonstration by Shingo Gokan. He kindly taught us about his various popular cocktail recipes, for the many different bars he has in Tokyo, Okinawa, and Shanghai. 

The SG Shochus KomeImoMugi.

Shingo Gokan presenting his line of SG Shochus

SG Club bartender Ryota Takamitsu with welcome cocktails

Tasting flight of SG Shochus

Shingo made a few cocktails for guests to try, one was his take on the Cuba Libre

Shingo mixing drinks with Ryota

The SG Shochu jackets made for staff only

Former SG Club bartender Joshin Atone, a Bay Area native

Thank you to the entire SG Shochu team for visiting us in Oakland! The event was super educational and Mr. Gokan ever the prince of hospitality. We hope to see you in Tokyo!

Photo by Seiji Tanaka

Photo by Seiji Tanaka

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