Umami Mart Registry

Masako Ikegami bartends at BARShake in Tokyo. Like Mr. Tomokazu Kai, she also won the Suntory Cocktail Award, which brought her to the Bay Area as the grand prize visit. Her winning drink, the Tamayura, was originally made with Hibiki whisky, but here she substitutes it with Yamazaki, along with supporting green tea and white chocolate liqueurs.

It was really wonderful to have a female presenter during the Tokyo-SF Bartender Salon. Despite Miss Ikegami's charming shyness, her elegant movements and techniques were all very commanding and deliberate. She rocked it in a suit!

And this concludes our Tokyo-SF Bartender Salon series. Hope you enjoyed all the segments! Big thank you to Yoko Kumano, Joe Stillwater, Johnny Lopes, Neyah White, and Mr. Satoru Shimizu. We hope to help organize more events like this in the future!

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