Umami Mart Registry

Mr. Thad Vogler needs no introduction. He is a leading barman in the Bay Area and beyond, who opened Bar Agricole in San Francisco in 2011. Named after agricole rum (rum made with 100% raw cane sugar), Thad has put his heart, soul, personal philosophies, and many years of experience into the restaurant -- which was the only west coast establishment to be nominated for James Beard Award's Best Bar Program this year.

Thad is a towering presence, whose gentile, eloquent mannerisms and witticisms always makes people feel at ease. He mentioned that he lived in Japan for a year, bartending at a sports club -- could you imagine?

Here, he makes the El Presidente, a rum cocktail classic. Thad's precision and care for cocktail-making is always inspiring to watch. He makes it look so easy!

We all agreed that this was an awesome cocktail. Cheers!

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