Father's Day is June 16

It's been forever since we've organized an Umamiventure in its purely old-school, meet-up spirit. Remember, when I would randomly announce an event, a little bit out of the neighborhood, and we would meet up at said location no matter how long it took to get there? Well, this is the event! Kristyn Leach, managing farmer of Namu Farm put into our ear that Sunol AgPark, the collective Namu Farm is a part of, is hosting a day of plant sales, bicycle hay rides, a chicken petting zoo (!!!) and a chance for you to talk directly with the farmers. We've collaborated many times with Kristyn before and have been talking about touring Namu Farm forever. The time has come!

What's more, there will be a VIP guest appearance by Maya Shiroyama and Jim Ryugo -- proprietors of Kitazawa Seed Company -- selling their popular Asian vegetable seeds and giving a talk about planting techniques for the upcoming warm months.

Kristyn Leach tending to her crops at Namu Farm. Photo by Erin Gleeson.

Maya Shiroyama of Kitazawa Seeds.

WHAT: Kitazawa Seed Talk with Maya + Jim, Plant Sale, Farm Tour, Chicken Petting Zoo!

WHEN: Saturday 5/3, 1-5pm; Kitazawa Seed Talk will start at 2pm

WHERE: Namu Famu @ Sunol AgPark
505 Paloma Way,
 Sunol CA 94586
Google Map

Don't miss this event! It's going to be a mega fun day of agriculture. Sunol is only a 30 minute drive east of Oakland, it's not going to kill you!

Come meet up!

*Top photo by Erin Gleeson