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This women-only event is a collaboration with the Women & Whiskies program and is sponsored by Campari. 

A portion of the proceeds of ticket sales will go towards Dress for Success, a non-profit organization providing women with professional attire to develop their professional careers.

Listen up ladies, this one's for you!

We're getting together with Wingtip and the Women & Whiskies program to bring you a night to explore the world of whisky, through scent! Join us on the 11th floor of Wingtip's decadent VIP special events bar room, as we deconstruct whisky through our trusty noses, aka, the olfactory senses.

Whisky, like a fine wine, can be layered and complex. One whiff may remind you of grandpa's attic or Mom's cocktail of choice, the Manhattan. You may pick up hints of cherry or tobacco, vanilla or cardamom. But how do we untangle and decipher those olfactory layers? And where do those aromas come from?

Yosh Han, world-class perfumer, will take us on a magical journey through the fragrance of six whiskies, using raw perfume materials to identify each whisky's specific aromatics. Along with Yosh, Lucia Gonzales of Women & Whiskies will provide information on each whisky's distillation and aging process, as well as where in the production process the different aromas and flavors we experience originate.

WHAT: An exploration of six different whiskies, through scent.

WHEN: Tuesday 6/3, 7-8:30pm

$75, price includes:
- Tastings of six different whiskies
- Reception with sparkling wine and hors d'oevres
- Goodie tote back with T-shirt, notebook, tasting guide, Yosh fragrance samples, and Umami Mart spherical ice tray
- Proceeds go towards Dress for Success, a local non-profit dedicated to professional development for women
- A night out with the ladies! This is a women-only event, sorry boys!


WHERE: Wingtip
550 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA
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We look forward to an intimate, women-only evening devoted to whisky. GIRLS' NIGHT!

About Wingtip
Wingtip is a 21st Century interpretation of the classic social club infused with fresh ideas from the best restauranteurs, bartenders, innovators, and haberdashers of the day. By design, the club is exclusive without being stuffy, and our membership remains a diverse mix of sophisticated and engaged individuals. In early 2010, we added a small clubhouse to our operations with one simple goal: To offer more to our best customers… more products, more experiences, and more space to spread out and enjoy the finer things in life.

About Women & Whiskies
Women and Whiskies began in San Francisco in 2010, providing an opportunity for like-minded women to learn and fall in love with a spirit that traditionally has been seen as a man’s drink. Lucia Gonzales, bartender and Whisk(e)y Ambassador for the Women & Whiskies program, travels the country sharing her understanding of whisk(e)y with groups of thirsty women, in a relaxed, un-intimidating atmosphere and expose more women to the many styles and categories that the world of whisk(e)y has to offer!

About Yosh
California-based perfumer Yosh Han is the creator of YOSH Olfactory Sense, a boutique fragrance company. Yosh specializes in vibrational perfumery, using the finest ingredients from all over the world to evoke inner radiance. Yosh consults for creative agencies on olfactory trends and perfume culture and is considered a pioneer of the West Coast perfumery movement.