Father's Day is June 16

As the saying goes, membership has its privileges. And for members of Sake Gumi, our monthly sake subscription club, that means invitations to really cool, really exclusive events. On Saturday, November 7, all Sake Gumi members are invited to join us at Ramen Shop's new bar for our first Sake Gumi Social: Mad About Genshu.

At this private event, members will learn all about cask-strength genshu sake, robust sakes that are usually 19-20% ABV. Special guest Jake Myrick, master brewer of SF-based Sequoia Sake, will be joining us as we taste several genshus from various breweries and shake a few cocktails with Kayoko and Ramen Shop's Chris Lane! As this is boozy stuff, we'll also be providing some snacks, and we encourage attendees to take public transporation or ride bikes to the event.

Not yet a member of Sake Gumi but want to join us for the social? Anyone who signs up for Sake Gumi by November 7 will be invited, plus one, to this very special event. So what are you waiting for? Don't miss out!