Umami Mart Registry

Remember when Yoko posted that pornlicious article about how to make ikura-don (salmon roe over rice), topped with a raw egg? Well, one night, she invited me over for dinner and she made ikura spaghetti!!!

What a gluttonous noodle feast in a bowl. The al dente pasta had been lightly sauteed with garlic and tossed with an egg yolk. Then, she topped the noodles with a generous spoonful of her house-cured ikura. The wispy strands of shiso added nice color and the mintyness gave freshness against the fatty little orange beads. The nori added a dynamic flavor of the sea, and an edgy texture.

It was to die for. In Japanese, I would call such a dish as zeitaku (extravagant, luxurious). Ikura atop spaghetti?!?!?! It's genius!

I still fantasize about it. I know that such zeitaku dishes like these only come once in a blue moon. So I helped myself to three servings.

Carpe diem!