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I'm in a flurry of packing at the moment. Actually, Yoko and MOTO had to come over and help me pack since I just can't seem to get it together. The movers come tomorrow and my days of single living are about to become a faint memory.

I am 33 years old and have lived alone for eight years. Well, besides moving in with my parents for a stint in 2008 after moving back to California. That was a dark year.

Of course I'm SO excited to move out with Johnny, the first time I'll have ever moved in with a beau. It's a huge step for our relationship and for myself. This won't just be another roommate situation -- we'll be sharing EVERYTHING. Our space, the couch, the bed, toothpaste, groceries. It's like a rite of passage; a mark of a relationship moving forward.

Sharing everything does not scare me. But I am going to miss my mornings and nights of janky eating. Lazyass Cookin' was founded on proud single-living principles. Will I lose perspective? Even so, I do have a fantasy that we'll make proper meals and eat together (most often on the couch I am sure). I hope to cook more in general -- I'll finally have someone to cook for! As liberating as living alone is, it gets lonely when no one else is around to eat my curry or mapo tofu with me.

So the last week have been odes to janky eating. I haven't been going out too much, and instead holing up in my studio, making my one-(wo)man meals; eating standing up in my kitchen or watching Buffy (she just died and came back to life).

Here's a glimpse of my final days of janky eating.

Natto toast with avocado and cherry tomatoes:

Hangover instant ramen with hanpen (fishcake):

Canned tuna on toast with cherry tomatoes (yes, there's a theme here), scallions and a squeeze of lemon:

Here's my final Lazyass Cookin' recipe as a single dweller.

Movin' Out Pasta

Anything in your vegetable box
Optional: any meat product in your fridge.
Optional: any canned (shell)fish in your pantry.

1. Boil water.
2. Chop vegetables. I had kale, a red onion, eggplant, garlic, tomatoes.

3. Sautee all vegetables.
4. Boil pasta.
5. Add half can of tuna, oysters or clams to the vegetables.

6. Add the pasta to the pot of vegetables and tuna. I had some grilled sausages from a barbecue last weekend so I chopped those up and stirred them in:

7. Crack some salt and pepper and enjoy among the sea of haphazardly packed boxes.

Will there be time for janky meals with Johnny? Standing up in the kitchen? God I hope so. Thank goodness he likes natto, or this would never work.
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  • I was just going to say the same thing- you actually have your jankiest of eating days ahead of you so Lazyass Cookin’ will most definitely get even better…

    chungy on

  • Hahaha! Moving in with a boyfriend will make your cooking even lazier! Cleaning up after two people’s proper dinners every night is unbearable. Unless you have a dishwasher, in which case you might end up living the dream. Best of luck with the move!

    Erin McMonagle on

  • Wait a second, no more janky eating?!? Here’s to a major new beginning for the both of us!

    johnny on

  • Kayoko, if this is janky eating then I want to eat more jankily. All of that looks delicious and way less janky than what I eat when I am alone!

    Also, congratulations on this new milestone. I am also moving in with my boyfriend next week. Luckily, he is a saint and washes most of the dishes when we cook!

    Christa on

  • What a cool experiment, Kayo. What is your thoughts on canned tuna versus the more expensively packaged stuff?

    Daniel on

  • Thanks for your support everyone! We had our very first janky meal tonight in our new apartment: a roasted chicken from Berk Bowl and steamed broccoli. You’re right, janky eating will not die!

    @Daniel, canned tuna is just fine as long as its packed in olive oil. I’ll use tuna in water if I’m making a tuna salad for sandwich. The olive oil packed tuna from Trader Joe’s for $2.69 is great, and a Spanish brand Albo has a great canned tuna as well for around $6. The tuna in jars seems a bit excessive to me and ultimately, you’re paying a higher price for the jar itself.

    Cheers to cohabitation and canned tuna!

    Kayoko on

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