Father's Day is June 16

I'm going through Yoko withdrawl. We were literally joined at the hip for the last month, gearing up for our GIFT OF FOOD benefit: chatting, Skyping, meeting with each other, organizing, coordinating, planning with our other awesome collaborators. It was definitely a huge team effort to put on THE GIFT OF FOOD, and without Yoko, it would not have even happened. She created the website in less than 24 hours! Whoa.

Then, after the night of the benefit, we went our separate ways. I flew down to San Diego for my best friend's wedding (I was the best Maid of Honor of ALL TIME!) and Yoko went off to Las Vegas to prance around the MGM for a job. I doubt she has left the sleazy indoors since she landed, and I haven't talked to her--even chatted with her, ALL WEEK.

I don't know what to do with myself. WHERE IS YOKO???

So, in ode to Yoko, I give you the breakfast of champions: NATTO. Yes, it sure is gross, stinky, slimy. We love natto here at Umamimart, and will keep putting it in your face until you realize its awesomeness. It's so damn good for you, what are you waiting for? Yoko even makes her own! She has mastered it, I'm so proud of her.

But I'm not that crafty, so I just buy the styro packs at the Japanese market. My favorite brand is "Okame".


I think it tastes great, and pretty cheap at around $3 for a pack of three. Trust me, I've tried every brand of natto out on the shelves at this point, and this is still my favorite, even though there are cheaper or more fancier versions these days.

I try to eat natto at least a few days a week--my freezer overflows with packs and packs of natto. It's the perfect power food for a lazyass like me cause it is such minimal prep work. I don't eat much in the morning, but if I wake up slightly hungry, I'll have a pack of natto. Scallions are mandatory.


Empty the natto pack, MSG soy sauce and mustard into a bowl, together with sliced scallions.


Mix vigorously.


There was this "scientific study" that came out in Japan about ten years ago that said that the more of the white slime you can create while stirring means more nutrients you are extracting from the soy beans. So it became a huge fad to get your crazy slime on, and they even designed all these specialized natto-stirring gadgets (like this one) that supposedly helped to produce more of the slime. Oy. Those Japanese scientists and their crazy studies! (And the Japanese mass public that hang onto every word).

Anyhow, for more tactile texture, I will usually add something to my natto. Avocado, cucumbers, wakame, whatever. Today, I had some spicy, fresh arugula. A natto salad, hooray!


Vegetarians! Vegans! Eaters! Yah, I'm talking to you. Get with the program, people! Natto a day, keeps the doctor away.

Come home soon, Yoko!

*More awe-inspiring natto recipes on Umamimart here. Natto MOffins, holla!


  • Great choice for natto brand!! Delicious

    Chris Thompson on

  • It is def time for Camino patrons to embrace the slime. Let’s take this to Russ and Melissa.


    Kayoko on

  • Can we have natto on the Camino brunch menu?

    allison on

  • I am coming home now babe! On wi-fi at the McCarren airport now waiting for my flight home. SO excited to get out of this place.

    yoko on

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