Father's Day is June 16

Congrats to UM for being around for five years! I still remember my first post on Peking duck back in 2007 (after constant harassment from Kayoko to write for her), and over the past five years, I've written over 200 posts. When we started, it was a fun, jokey, let's-talk-about-food-in-a-very-funny-way kind of activity. But 5 years later, we now have 15,000 visitors a month and we are becoming more and more of a legit food blog site!

Given the level of professionalism at Umamimart, I have to make some adjustments, and I have to make an announcement.

Yamahomo no longer exists, and from now on, Moto will be writing this ReCPY column. I am starting to plan my future in various ways, and I am starting the Moto empire, very slowly. Please join me thanking Yamahomo for his five years of crazy posts, and welcome Moto.

As a part of my empire, I've started a short cooking video series Nihon in the Kitchen (Nihon = Japan) with my very talented colleague Ben. I do the cooking, he films, edits, and does all the animation. In these short segments, I introduce Japanese ingredients (sort of like Yoko's Japanify), and make something easy, fun and out of ordinary.

In this above episode, I made Natto Nuts, and this is the easiest way to introduce the benefits of natto without the slime.

Column: ReCPY


  • Don’t worry Anders, I will be as offensive as usual. I am only changing the name, not the contents.

    Moto on

  • Awesome!! Love the music, anims and to the point-ness.

    But please, don’t cut ALL the homo jokes, ok? That’s part of what makes you so special.

    Anders on

  • MOTO MOTO MOTO! So excited for your new venture, glad to hear Yamahomo will still be involved with his wicket little ways ;)

    tomo on

  • Finally had a chance to watch this. Love it! Go Moto! I love the title sequence and I like your pleasant but informational attitude. Congrats. We’ll miss you Yamahomo!

    Yoko on

  • you should have told them it tastes just like jizz, and they would swallowed them whole.

    Moto on

  • So last night I threw a homosexual dinner party and wanted to introduce natto to the innocent Danish gays.

    Everyone was open to the mysterious contents of the styrofoam beholder which I mixed and served in a nice little Japanese bowl with a spoon so people could place some sticky natto on their warm rice to enjoy.

    Except they didn’t…

    I now have 3 packs left in my fridge which I dont’ want to either befriend or inhale, so I think your above genious natto 2 nut recipe is the only way to go now. Thanks!

    PS: did you know that dead people actually smell kinda like natto? (a medicine student friend told me)

    Anders on

  • Loved this recipe~! Though, I was not able to convince(?) my American co-worker friend. He cannot seem to stand the smell of natto. What’s wrong with the smell of natto?

    kyop on

  • There’s our Yamahomo!!!

    Kayoko on

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