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SF Chefs spanned three days, August 5-7, and looked like it landed from somewhere in outer space, onto Union Square (notice how the tent is "punctured" by the Dewey Monument pole in the photo below). I went on Sunday around 1pm and the sides of the ginormous tent were lined with 25 chefs' booths. We somehow found ourselves there for several hours, although half the time was spent trying to navigate through the cramped quarters.


This sign set the tone:


And the centerpiece of the event was super classy.


There was a lot going on and I felt like I was in Vegas. Corporate sponsors, local TV networks and strappy sandals finally had a reason to come out of their shells on a Sunday.


Besides being overwhelmed with the choices and hordes of people, I was overcome with a sense of stress watching all the people working the event who had to cater to all of the strappy sandals, and myself.

I had a great view of the backs of many of the chefs who seemed to be racing to an unforeseeable finish line.

Campton Place Restaurant, Chef Srijith Gopinathan

Frances, Chef Melissa Perillo and her team.

But Chef Ravi Kapur of Prospect struck a pose for me:


Who's this dude with a hachimaki?

Neyah White, Yamazaki Whisky Ambassador

Finding time to concentrate in the hubub seemed impossible, so it was impressive to see some chefs having a chance to focus.

Absinthe Brasserie and Bar


The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

Vin Antico

I was very stressed out watching all the food, drink and disposable wares that were being thrown away improperly, abandoned and carelessly handled:


I hope this guy handling the "compost, landfill and recycling" (which proved to be a very difficult concept for people) got a lot of free beer after the madness.



As we say in Japanese to people after a hard days' work, "Ostukaresamadeshita!" Thanks for opening your doors to all the strappy sandals, and a lil ol' Umamimart scrub like me.

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  • Omg this is exactly like Fashion Week in Bryant Park in NYC, tent and all. I love how the Bay Area’s equivalent is food-related. Duh.

    But fashion week is in the dead of winter, so they would never wear those strappy sandals. Hilarious.

    Kayoko on

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