Father's Day is June 16
Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Umamichelada!

Scroll to the bottom for updated recipe notes and photo! - Kayoko, 6/30/2020Ah, Mexico. We went to Cabo San Lucas over New Year's and had a magical time. We were captivated by the sea breeze... ... the abundantly fresh seafood...


MOTOism: Homemade Ponzu

When life gives you sour oranges, make ponzu sauce. Ponzu is such a versatile condiment and its acidity adds a lot more dimension than regular soy sauce. It's also extremely easy to make your own ponzu at home. Especially when you find sour oranges (called dai-dai...


Japanify: Nuked Potato

Microwave cooking is big in Japan. Just like buying panties from vending machines. People do it all the time and there is no need to be ashamed when doing it. One of the most genius ideas I acquired while living...