Umami Mart Registry

Looking to add new flavors to your tried-and-true recipe repertoire? May we suggest our latest offerings? Haku Black Garlic Shoyu and Haku Matsutake Shoyu are premium soy sauces full of flavor and complexity that'll take ho-hum dishes to new places they've never been before. Brewed in Kyoto, Japan by master shoyu makers, both varieties are presented in black ceramic bottles that are as unique and luxurious as the product they contain.


Haku Black Garlic Shoyu

Black garlic is a traditionally Asian ingredient made by preserving whole garlic heads until they're literally dark black in color. Unlike raw garlic, black garlic has a sweet, carmel flavor. And not only does it taste good, but it's chock full of antioxidants. Lately, more chefs are discovering how black garlic can enhance flavors to new levels. With notes of fig, raisin, and molasses, we think Haku Black Garlic Shoyu would be perfect for making tatsuta age (Japanese-style fried chicken), but really, the possibilities are endless!


Haku Matsutake Shoyu

Matsutake, or pine mushrooms, are another prized ingredient in Japan and beyond. In fact, matsutake are some of the most expensive shrooms in the world. They're substantially meaty with a delicious spicy and earthy flavor. So as not to overpower the mushroom aroma, Haku Matsutake Shoyu is made with usukuchi, or a lighter soy sauce. We suggest trying this gourmet shoyu with a simple grilled salmon, steamed mussels, or as a dipping sauce for uni. Decadent!