Father's Day is June 16

All Photos by Yoko Kumano.

About a week after our initial GIFT OF FOOD fundraiser in San Francisco, Yoko and I were approached to help organize a similar event down in LA, to benefit the victims of the 2011 Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami. Could we pull it together in less than a week? HECK YAH! The clock starting ticking, and before we knew it, Yoko and I were on an LA-bound plane for THE GIFT OF FOOD, Part Deux.

With a top-notch LA crew and a ton of press, we threw a fab party last Tuesday 4/26, all to benefit Second Harvest Japan--an organization that continues to provide food for the hardest hit areas of northern Japan. It was a balmy evening in Southern California, and PRISM art gallery opened up their rooftop for the event. The sweeping views of Los Angeles was quite stunning, creating a serene, captivating mood. It was truly a lovely evening.


Rick and Chris of Rock Honey Studio.


Edwin Cruz of Tlapazola Grill.


Scott Crane.


Pizza and snacks by Eveleigh restaurant.


Sweets by Fruit & Flour.


Bay Area artist Clare Rojas on the gallery walls.



Moet (OK Store) and Mei.


Limited edition tshirts by Clare Rojas, exclusively for our event.




Yamazaki 12 year.


Sara of The Blow Off dot com.


Flowers by Diana Wetzel.



We'd like to thank Tyler from Eveleigh restaurant, Diana Wetzel and Case Fleher. Moreover, this event would not have even been possible without the brains behind the entire operation: Jen Cox of PRISM, and Scott Crane. You are both rockstars!!!

A very special thanks goes out to Neyah White (top photo), who has been so supportive of us and THE GIFT OF FOOD initiative since the devastating earthquake hit Japan on March 11. Arigatou.

To date, we have raised $11,500 for Second Harvest Japan. Without the generosity of all our sponsors, donors and supporters of THE GIFT OF FOOD (both SF and LA), this would not be possible. We thank you deeply.

This is only the beginning. Let's keep going.


*It's not too late to donate! Relief efforts in Japan will be ongoing for much, MUCH longer. Please consider contributing to Second Harvest Japan directly, here.


  • such a great event! Thanks for the Blow Off shout out. I do have to chastise my fellow LA folks that didn’t show up. You guys missed out.

    saaara on

  • ya’ll are amazing!! congratulations on pulling off two successful, yummy, events. are there any clare rojas shirts left? xo

    pamela on

  • Looks like an amazing event. You guys are inspirational!

    sakura on

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