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Meet Paystyle-- a dashing, whip-smart, er, smartass from Brooklyn by way of Los Angeles. He's got dreams. Dreams of someday calling it quits as a lawyer (94 hour work weeks, fuck that!), and pursuing a career as a first-rate mixologist.

Paystyle made this video with Vanessa (his wife and Happy Hour photog) for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic Fellowship. Prepared to be wowed-- he's clearly on his way to Mixology Stardom, for real. The dude is going places. Let's do this.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... the man behind Happy Hour. Paystyle, holla!
Column: Happy Hour


  • Awesome video, and I am glad we got to finally see the photographer behind those amazing drool-worthy photos. I look forward to Happy Hour every week. Thanks guys!

    tomo on

  • Hey, that’s me!

    Clayton on

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