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We just completed our fourth shochu talk and tasting, this time at Alchemy Bottle Shop in Oakland. What a great audience! We had a fantastic time talking to people about shochu, and thought that Washi Washino's first blog post about shochu would be appropriate to revisit here too.

Washi, Umami Mart's resident Shochu Advisor shares stories of how he got accustomed to shochu, as well as giving us a breakdown of the different types of shochu available. Washi's writing style is fun and straight-forward. It's even more fun if you know Washi, and you can imagine him saying what he is writing.

I also just went to Ippuku in Berkeley for the first time last week and had an incredible meal. Their shochu selection is also awe-inspiring.

Check out the original post with this all-important mantra: "We never barfed."

*CABS is a SoCal transplant living in Oakland. He enjoys coffee, photography, tattoos and skateboard culture. Follow his Instagram @damncabs.