Father's Day is June 16

Look at this tuna head! It was fucking HUGE--I could easily fit my own head into its mouth. Its eyeball was so clear, it looked as though it were still alive, looking deep into my soul, prodding me to try its precious ruby red flesh.

Sorry I have not been blogging so much. Every day is a new adventure to far away lands within Japan! This week I've been to a whisky distillery, as well as a produce facility where they test for radiation. This was quite an intense experience, and I'll tell you about it once I've processed it all.

When you read this, I'll be in Nagano prefecture, slaughtering a trapped dear.

Yup, every day is a new adventure. I'll have more for you next week, I promise. Until then, go out for sushi this weekend and treat yourself to some toro sashimi. Mr. Tunahead thanks you.