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If you're stumped about what to make for your next dinner party, we have a suggestion for you: Do nabe in a donabe! Donabe is a Japanese clay cooking pot used to prepare one-pot meals called nabemono (think sukiyakioden, and yosenabe). Made to be placed directly over a flame or in the oven, donabe are also meant for serving meals right out of the pot. Braise delicate fish and seafood, prepare fragrant steamed rice dishes, or serve bubbling stews within. If you've never cooked a meal in a donabe for friends, you're missing out on having and sharing one of the best communal food experiences.

Our sturdy 10-3/4" diameter Shiga Donabe is the perfect size for you and four others to enjoy a bubbling hot pot creation together. Even though it's designed in the traditional Japanese style, it'll look handsome in even the most modern home.


And, if you need some inspiration about what to cook in your donabe, pick up a copy of the book simply titled Donabe. Written by cooking teacher, Naoko Takei Moore and Sonoma-based chef, Kyle Connaughton, Donabe features traditional Japanese nabe recipes along with non-traditional recipes by famed chefs, like Suzanne Goin and Thomas Keller.