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Annual Sake Tasting & Lecture: Back to Basics!
Tuesday, May 10 @ 6:30 pm
Japan Society, NYC

Every year, Japan Society hosts a sake lecture and tasting, inviting dozens of brewers from Japan. Over the years, we've covered so many topics on sake--from water, rice, milling, sake vessels, molds, to even bottling. Sake is becoming more popular in metropolitan cities, but there are still so many of us who don't know much about it. So this year, on Tuesday May 10, we are going back to the basics and re-introducing the awesomeness of premium sake to New Yorkers.

Do you know the difference between ginjo and daiginjo? Do you know which is better served, cold or hot? Do you want to impress your date at Japanese restaurant by ordering good sake? Do you think sake should be drunk only with Japanese food?

This year's program will answer all of your questions about how to best enjoy sake. This event is especially for those who would love to learn more about sake, but are intimidated by the complexity of it. Yoko has written about sake before, but it's much more fun to learn about it in person, and then taste 40+ kinds of different premium sake.

This is going to be a great excuse to get intoxicated on a Tuesday evening and be able to say, "I am seriously learning about sake, this is totally educational!"

Get your tickets NOW! $35/$30 Japan Society members, seniors & students. The program is followed by a sake tasting and is co-sponsored by Sake Export Association.

*Photo by George Hirose.


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