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Sure, you can just pop the cap off a bottle of beer and chug, but we prefer to pour our suds into a beer glass for maximum enjoyment.

At Umami Mart, we have five different glasses just for sipping beers:


Toyo-Sasaki Hard Strong Pint Glasses are perfect for lovers of ales, stouts, IPAs, porters, and barleywines. With the added design element of a slightly-tapered waist, these are cut above standard pint glasses.


Toyo-Sasaki Beer Jockey Glasses are heavy, handled mugs that the Japanese use to drink nama (draft beer). We love keeping a jockey in the freezer, for an extra-crisp and refreshing chilled lager. Jockeys are also great for non-chilled beers, like stouts and porters. And if you've got some ankle biters or teetotalers in the family, jockeys are exceptional for root beer floats, too!


Toyo-Sasaki Hard Strong Modern Beer Glasses are the David Bowie of beer glasses – unusual, innovative, elegant, and wholly a breed of their own. Their extended height makes them a good match for bocks, goses, hefes, lambics, pilsners, and other brews where you want to highlight color while retaining head and concentrating the volatile elements that constitute aroma.


Toyo-Sasaki Hard Strong Usuhari Beer Glasses are our newest beerware offering. Thin-walled and gently curvy with a tapered mouth, these glasses also help lock in aromas, while leaving space for a foamy head. You'd be wise to drink a weizen in one of these glasses.


Hitachino Beer Glasses are wonderful for anyone who gives a hoot about Hitachino Nest. An appropriate vessel for any of the varieties of Hitachino Nest beer, this glass is a must for the Hitachino otaku.
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  • Boot shaped personalized beer glasses come in a large variety of sizes. The boot size that is most famous, initially made famous by old German folklore and later the movie Beerfestboots, is often marketed as able to contain 2 Liters of beer. It is also the ‘standard’ boot size sold by large German brewers such as Weihenstephaner and Warsteiner.
    In practice though, and this is from experience, the standard ‘2L’ boot will easily hold 7 standard Euro style beer bottles (300 ml), or 2.1L, with room to spare for about 3 cm (~1.25") of head.
    Note, however, that when you see a boot mentioned on a menu, at a beer garden for example, you can not assume that you will receive the 2L one. Unfortunately also from experience, I can tell you that too often you will receive only a 1L boot instead.

    Donna Williams on

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