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Yuzu is a unique citrus from Asia with fragrant, floral notes. There's not so much juice in it actually, and in Japan, the skin or zest is used more often to add the distinct essence of yuzu into dishes, desserts, and drinks.

We love yuzu here at Umami Mart so much that we're celebrating the citrus for the entire month of February – highlighting recipes and products featuring yuzu. Our annual Japan Beer Fest on Saturday February 17th will even be yuzu-themed!

Through the years we have amassed several recipes on our blog using yuzu. 

Yoko's Yuzu Kosho Avocado Toast:

MOTO's Pickled Okra:

Yoko's Yuzu Ginger Tea:

Yoko's Yuzu Marmalade:

My Yuzu Liqueur:

Sarah's Yuzu Curd:

Yoko's Yuzu Kanten:

Paystyle's Literary Agent cocktail:

Yuki's Yuzukosho:

Yoko's Yuzu-Herb Chicken:

The actual yuzu fruit is only around for a short period of time during the year so we highly recommend our Yuzu Juice by Yakami Orchards to substitute in cooking and cocktailing. And we have plenty of other pantry items and drinks containing yuzu - check them all out!

Top drawing by Yoko's sister Wormfun - illustrated in 2011 when we debuted our EAT Tote on the website. 

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