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Hygge (pronounced hooga) is a Danish term describing coziness and contentment – think wool blankets, candles, Rhye on the radio. This is what our version of hygge looks like: snuggling inside a kotatsu (a low table with heaters, covered by a big futon blanket), peeling mikan (mandarins), and sipping on a warm beverage. Our friends over at Honestly Yum created the Shochu Hot Toddy – a toasty concoction of Kannoko Barley Shochu, sansho, yuzu, and Calvados – that certainly gets us in the hygge mood! Set up that kotatsu, stat!

Hibernate and get hygge at home with these products, and more!

Shochu is Japan's distilled beverage, and this bottle of Kannoko is one of our favorites. If you are a whisky lover venturing into shochu, this is the one for you. Enjoy Kannoko on the rocks or oyuwari style (mixed with hot water) in these handsome cups. In Japan, it is customary to sip shochu from ceramic cups – kanpai!

Donabe is a traditional Japanese earthenware cooking pot that it is meant to be placed directly onto a flame to cook nabemono, or one-pot dishes, like sukiyakioden, and yosenabe. A well-loved donabe can last for years, and the best part of cooking in a donabe is the communal experience. 

Make it a warm sake night with this set, including a bottle of Kenbishi honjozo sake, tokkuri (sake carafe), and two ochoko (sake cups).

Our customers always asked us for a kettle that whistles. So we scoured the streets of Kappabashi (kitchen supply row in Tokyo) and found one made in Japan! This minimal design will boil water in no time. Don't worry, you'll hear it whistle when it's ready!

Made in Tokoname City, the home of one of the Six Old Kiln sites in Japan. This handsome red tea pot is a modern take on the traditional red bulb yokode no kyusu (side handle tea pot). Each conical kyusu is made of five individual parts; the body, spout, handle, lid, and strainer.

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