Father's Day is June 16

It took us five days to finally get to our first shaved ice experience. Not because we didn't try! Everyday would begin with wishful exclamations like, "Let's get shaved ice today!" But the stars never aligned -- the lady in town closed after two hours of service because she was "out of ice." She cursed us!

But we would not leave the island until we had the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Experience; and boy, we had no idea what was in store for us. We stared at the massive menu for five minutes and finally decided on "Kauai Sunrise" -- a flavor combo with pineapple, mango, passion fruit and coconut. With a scoop of macadamia ice cream please!

I carefully watched the Shaved Ice Master create our mound of dewey delight and was most fascinated by the methodical nature in which he poured all the syrups. He started on the edge, outlined the iced with the syrup then carefully work his way in so no crevice went uncovered. In an instant, the fluffy mountain of ice turned into a spectacular sunset. He was a true professional. Thank you for such a delicious treat, good sir!

4-1292 Kuhio Hwy
Kapaa, HI 96746
T: 808.822.1710

Photo by Johnny Lopes
Column: Postcard

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  • Aloha, FYI, in Hawaii, it is called “Shave Ice”, like in the shop name, not “Shaved Ice”. You may have noticed the locals using a form of slang English called “Pidgin English”(ie. "Howzit(how are you?)or “no mo?”(are there any more?)). Pidgin is a mixture of all the culture and languages that are found in Hawaii. It make Hawaii unique and maybe a bit confusing to the newly arrived visitor. Enjoy your blog, welocme to Paradise!

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